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Call in to record a message

I’m trying to set up a test. I have a CallCentric account. I don’t understand what number to call to record a message. Instructions say to dial the number associated with the account. When I dial our church number from a cell phone, I get our answering machine. When I dial from our own phone (it is a residential line – one line only) I get a busy signal. I’ve tried dialing the CallCentric # (which is apparently not a phone number) and get a message that I don’t need to dial 1 or area code. without them, I reach a local party. I haven’t understood clearly enough what number I am to call in order to make a recorded message from the telephone. Thanks.

When you sign up for a Callcentric account, or any VOIP account, you will get an ID that is like a phone number. For Callcentric, that ID is the 1777****** number. However, you cannot call that number using your landline phone or cell phone.

In order to call your Callcentric account or any other VOIP account, you must purchase a “regular” telephone number. Normally you can purchase a number that is in your area code. (Technically, this regular number is called DID number, which allows call to your VOIP account from your landline or cell phone). An added benefit of getting a regular phone number is that the caller ID display will use that number.

Once you get that number, simply call that number to record your message.

Also, please note that Voicent software allows you to record your message using a computer microphone.

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