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Setup OBi110 for auto dialing

I have a broadcast by phone product and I want to know is it work with OBi110 Voice Service Bridge and VoIP Telephone Adapter? Thank you for your time and support.

Yes, it should work with OBi110 or any VOIP phone adapter. These devices enable a traditional analog phone to use a VOIP service. To Voicent software, the analog phone jack on these devices is the same as the traditional phone service’s wall jack.

To use an analog phone service, you must use Cisco SPA3102 voice gateway (or other voice gateway products) to connect your computer to the analog line/lines. For more details about this setup, please see Setup Voicent to Use Your Analog Phone Service.

Voicent software is capable of using a VOIP phone service without any hardware. So if you know your VOIP service account information, a.k.a. SIP credential, you do not need a VOIP phone adapter (which converts VOIP to analog) or the SPA3102 voice gateway (which converts analog to VOIP). The only reason you may need these devices is that some VOIP services do no disclose the SIP credential of your account. If you do have your SIP credential, please see Setup Voicent to Use Your VOIP Service.

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