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Features Wanted for a simple, message broadcasting system

Here are questions from a typical voice broadcasting user.

Can define multiple call groups?

Can call in via phone, record a message, select a single group and start the broadcast?

Can stop broadcast at any time?

Can calling times be defined?

Can re-calls be limited to 2?
Yes. set to any number of tries

Can system dial multiple numbers simultaneously?

Can broadcast message be left on voice mail?

Offer SMS?
Yes. We have 2-way sms

Provide detailed broadcast logs: name, number, call statuses, call time, duration secs, etc?

Provide opt-out feature?

How many lines/ports for simultaneous calling?
The base subscription has 2 lines per user. $7 per month for additional channel

1st minute cost
Plan range from 4 cents per minute to 1.5 cents per minute

Incremental cost interval (6 secs, 15 secs, 1 min, etc)
We do 30/6 billing

Cost per increment
30 seconds initial, 6 seconds after

If opt-out (above) is Yes, what is the additional cost for each?
no additional cost

If SMS (above) is Yes, what is the cost for each?
$15 per month for sms feature. 1 text message is equivalent to 1 minute of phone call.

Any per broadcast fees? Zero or how much.

Any set-up, annual/monthly fees? Zero or how much.
$19 per month per user. Or $25 is month-by-month

Cost per call (for below duration-seconds)
It depends on calling rate. with 30/6 billing.

Duration    4 cent      2c             1.5c
55                 4                 2           1.5
60                4                 2           1.5
67             4.8             2.4           1.8
97             6.8             3.4           2.55

How is chargeable time calculated?
starting when call is answered, ending when call is disconnected

When is Tech Support available?
24/7 for urgent issue, normal business hours for others

For your packages, do unused minutes roll-over?

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