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Using command line

Here are info one of our customers want to share:

I have narrowed this down to the message in the voc. When I use one of the existing messages that have been working with other voc files, this voc file imports and starts.

When I set up a new message it does not work. The existing message setups play a wav then, for human pickup, use text to speech and a confirmation item of press 1 and transfer. The new message just plays a wav and then does the press 1 and transfer.

Ughh. I think I just found it. The campaigns are run using the Task Scheduler under credentials for taskrunner. I’ve been creating the message under my userid. For some reason, messages are stored in folders by userid. The message settings have to be copied from one copy of stdmsgs.txt to the other.

Could you document this somewhere please?

Thank you. We appreciate it very much.

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