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Auto dialer command line export call status

We were wondering if there was a way to export a Voicent log from the command line (after a call sequence is completed) to a plain-text file such as a CSV.

What we are trying to do is run Voicent from the command line to call a number of people. After the calls, we would like to collect the call results in a plain-text format, in automatic mode.

The logs that Voicent creates appear to be in a proprietary format.

Any way that we can do this from the command line, or turn on some option that will automatically create a plain-text file for us, with the call information? Or, could we get details on the format that Voicent is using, so we can parse it out ourselves, if it is allowed?

No, there is no command to export the call list and status to a CSV file. You can only do that manually through the File > Export menu item. However, there are workarounds:

1. As you indicated, use the generated log files under C:\Program Files\Voicent\Gateway\logs

This option is feasible if you just want to grep some basic information, such as which number gets called. The log files are not designed to be parsed by a program, so there will be significant work if you do want extract more information from them. Also the format is going to change from release to release.

2. There is an internal command to generate an HTML output file

The command line option is: -htmlout filename

To parse this HTML file should be much easier than the output log files.

3. If you are using AutoReminder program, you can control each phone call through command line. For details, please see AutoReminder command line program help file

4. You can go directly using Voicent Gateway

This is a much lower level interface and offers the most flexibility. But programming is harder. For more details, please see Voicent Developer Network

Similarly, we wondered if we could import a plain-text file with phone numbers to call, in a similar fashion, in automatic mode, via the command line.

Yes, details are available online and in the BroadcastByPhone program Help file (Help > Help Topics)

Thank you for your answers. However, when we tried the internal command to produce an HTML output file, no file was created. The command is:

"C:\Program Files\Voicent\BroadcastByPhone\bin\vcast.exe"
 "C:\Documents and Settings\JohnDoe\My Documents\test10.voc"
 "C:\Program Files\Voicent\MyRecordings\sample_message.wav"
 -cleanstatus -startnow -htmlout "C:\outfile.html"
 -confirmcode 1 

What you need to do is have -htmlout as the only option. Your command should be:

"C:\Program Files\Voicent\BroadcastByPhone\bin\vcast.exe"
      "C:\Documents and Settings\JohnDoe\My Documents\test10.voc"
      -htmlout "C:\outfile.html"

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