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Autodialer causes blue screen

After 4 or 5 calls my computer shuts down and I get the following message:

“problem detected Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. Driver_IRQ_not_less_or_equal.”

At this point I must turn off my computer by pushing the on/off button as nothing else works.

This type of problems is usually a result of hardware issue, related to phone line/modem/PCI slot etc.

1). To check your phone line

a. make sure the phone cord is not too long
b. phone line is clear
c. no other phone equipment on the same line (fax machine, etc)
d. prefer not to have call waiting, new voice mail signal
e. for VOIP service, make sure the service is reliable and you have enough connection bandwidth
f. if you have to dial 9 to get outside line, make sure it gets dial tone before dialing the real number. You need to experiment with commas after 9

2). To check modem and PCI slots

a. modem firmly pushed in the PCI slot
b. Windows OS with latest update installed
c. Some customer reports problem gone after reformat hard disk
d. The contact on PCI slots are good, try a different slot if possible
e. No hardware conflict with other cards

3). To narrow down on the issue

a. Turn off caller ID notification
please select Voicent Gateway main menu > Setup > Options > Inbound

b. try the system in a different location, such as residential home
this will help to see whether the problem is related to the phone line

c. try a different computer
this will help to see whether the problem is related to the computer

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