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Autodialer upgrade for more skype lines

I am planning to upgrade from the Voicent Standard edition single line to Professional Edition with a total of 6 lines. 4 questions before I do:

1. I am unclear on the upgrade pricing. Your upgrade page says: Upgrade from Standard to Professional edition $199 2+ per line”. Does that work out to $199 X 5 lines including the upgrade to Professional? Total: $796.

You first upgrade your Standard Edition to Professional Edition, since you have a 1-line system, the price is $299. Now you have a 1-line Professional edition, then you can add more lines, that’s 5 x $200 = $1,000. So the total is $1,299.

You might be better off to purchase a brand new system. For a 4-line Professional edition, you pay $899, then add two lines for 2 x $200 = $400. So the total comes out the same. But you can install the system on a different computer. This might be a better choice. Please see below for machine requirement.

2. I would need to ad 5 Skype lines. How do I set that up so as to get 10,000 calls/mo per line? I have set up 6 “User Accounts”. Do I go into each user account and set up a new Skype unlimited calling account? Then how do you set up the Voicent technology to use all 6 lines at once? When I tried opening Skype in another account, I had the broadcast running and it said “another application of Skype is running, close that first, before you can access it.” I would like the step-by-step “idiot proof” version of how to set this up to run the 6 accounts simultaneously.

Yes, it is strongly recommended to use 6 skype account for 6 lines. So yes, go to each user account and setup a different Skype account. We have an example shows the step-by-step instructions of starting a 4-line system using Skype.

3. I am on a laptop and this where I do all my daily work. It is pretty interuptive with the Skype window popping up with every new dial. Can I go to another user account to “work” while the system is running? The laptop is a Copaq Presarrio 99GB on the C Drive, and I am currently running on ADSL up to Up to 3.0 Mbps. I am upgrading shortly to a higher speed (up to 6.0 Mbps) but it isn’t available for a couple of weeks. Is this adequate computer power and internet strength to accommodate 6 outbound lines and still operate on this computer? Or should I move everything to a desktop. I have an older one that I could dedicate to dialing. (not sure of the specs on it at the moment, it’s at least 5 years old)

Yes, you should be able to login to another account to work and not seeing the Skype popup. But if there is error from the Skype Window, you are likely to miss it. For 6 lines, you might be better off not to use the computer during broadcast.

1. Skype uses 3 – 16Kbps per line. You seems to have enough download speed, but please also check your upload speed. If you are using ADSL, the upload speed is usually slower.

2. Skype uses about 50M memory for each instance, so it is normally a good idea to have more physical memory for your computer. (This is the RAM requirement, not hard disk space)

3. You want to have a fast CPU since all 6 lines need to be processed in real time, so the faster the better.

Based on your old desktop system, you might want to run as many lines as possible. Then run the rest on your laptop.

4. Can I run different campaigns simultaneously? For example, one line is broadcasting one message, another is broadcasting a different message; can this be done?

Yes and no. Yes, you can run multiple campaigns (different call lists, and different messages) using multiple BroadcastByPhone autodialer program. But they will all share the same lines.

But if you use two computers, then you can do two campaigns on two computers.

There! I think I have all my questions out of my system for the time being. I am very happy with the product so far!
Thanks in advance for your speedy reply.

You are welcome.

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