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Replace Phone Notification Web Service

We are software development company, and develop software in PHP, ASP.NET, etc For one of our Clients we developed a Phone Notification application using a phone notification web service. Our client is tired of paying monthly charges and is looking for solution which will cost one time. We have a .NET background application which generates different alerts and send a alert text message to a specified list of Phone numbers (Land line, Cell, etc), when the receiver receives the Call, our text message is played as speech. In this regard we would like to have your response on what Voicent product we should purchase which can give us similar functionality, and what hardware or other things will be required.

Voicent has several levels of phone interface API that you can use.

Use Simple Call Interface

The easiest is the Simple Call Interface. If your application does not require responses, then it mostly involves a single line of code to trigger a call:

call_text("650-1234567", "Thank you for your order, John")

To use Simple call interface API, all you need is Voicent Gateway outbound license.

Use Extended Simple Call Interface

If your call message requires responses, you can use Voicent Gateway Outbound license and Voicent IVR Studio. IVR Studio is a GUI based tool to design interactive voice and SMS applications. Once a call message is designed, you can also use the extended simple call interface API to trigger a call:

$reqId = call_ivr("650-1234567", "reminderApp")

In this case, the reminderApp is the call message you designed using Voicent IVR Studio. To get the responses, simply call:

$status = call_status_response($reqId, responses)

Use Other Interfaces

For more information about these and other available APIs, please see Voicent Developer Center.

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