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Call error messages

“Failed (Will Try Again : 1). Maximum retry reached. Line disconnected. Auto disconnect after 60 seconds (04/04/12 13:46:00)”. Is there a list of error messages so I can identify …bad numbers on my list.

The top level call status string is listed in this article Voicent Gateway call status string. The next level of string is listed in auto dialer call status.

There are additional information after the call status but may not be generated by Voicent software. For example, the VOIP/SIP message error are returned by a VOIP service. They are defined in various SIP RFPs and may contain additional vendor specific info.

What is the best way to test bad numbers?

There is an option on Voicent gateway > Setup > Options > Advanced Tab, “detect disconnected number”. If the option is turned on, Voicent software will try to detect the disconnected tone at the beginning of the message. But this detection may not always work. Some of the phone services, especially mobile phone companies may just play a message without the beginning disconnected number tones. In addition, the tones may not come across correctly over some VOIP channels.

In addition to the option, you can use Voicent IVR Studio to design an outbound all app to try to detect certain fixed audio messages. You can use speech recognition to see if the audio message received are talking about a bad number. This approach works if you know these messages before the call. We have a large government agency uses this approach to clean up their unused phone numbers in order to save their monthly phone bills. Since it is hard for them to keep track of their thousands of phone numbers, a solution using Voicent helps them to discover these numbers quickly and automatically.

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