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Alarm system signals

We are looking to buy a software package that can automatically call us when the laboratory triggers a variety of alarms. We want to have a prioritized call list that requires a confirmation code once an engineer is reached successfully by phone. I see that Voicent provides software of this type, but I am curious how our laboratory alarm system will communicate with the Voicent software. What options are there to input signals into the software for this purpose? Also, what software package(s) will we need to purchase to accomplish this goal? Thank you in advance.

The software you need is Voicent BroadcastByPhone. It has a call-till-confirm feature which is exactly what you described. To trigger a call, you can use a command line interface of the program as shown below. For more info, please select the program Help menu and take a look at the “command line interface” help topic.

vcast.exe -startnow –confirmcode 1234 "C:\mygroup\list2.voc"

You alarm system probably has some kind of alert message, such as sending an email or launching a program when the alarm goes off. Please check the alarm system’s user manual for more details. If it triggers an automatic email, you may want to take a look at an open source project called email to phone.

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