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Add location to appointment reminder message

We have the free download now working it is calling from information in a .csv file, that has been imported which is what we want. It is using my name and specified time as the sample file allows in the message. I am now wondering how to customize the message more. We would like to add a location as to where the appointment is located. I guess my question is does the message become generated in the order of the fields in this .csv file. The headers of the fields not used for us right now are message id, notes, include notes, category and confirmation. Can you tell me what these fields are for and if we can just use one of them for location? Hope this makes sense. I just want to make sure that this customization will work before we purchase anything

To customize the appointment reminder call message, you can use the built-in Message Designer. For details of the Message Designer, please select the program Help menu > Product Walkthrough… It should be easy to add a location to the message. Once the message is designed, save it with a name (message ID) that you can use when an appointment is added. For importing, simply add the name to the Message ID field so it will use your message for the reminder call.

To further customize the appointment reminder message, you’ll need to use Voicent IVR Studio, which is fully integrated with Auto Reminder. This is a GUI design tool for you to create almost any call message. In addition, it can be used to integrate with web site, database, email servers, etc.

Almost all the CSV file columns correspond to some field in the new appointment dialog window. For example, the room field corresponds to the room text box. For more details, please see import appointment.

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