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Command line to call using CSV file

I would like to know how to use the command line to do the following scenario: Call a list of customers from a cvs file which contain Name (TTS will read the name), Phone , TV Model (TTS will read), TV Serial (TTS will read), then give the cutomers option to Press 1 for confirmation, Press 2 transfer, Press 3 to repeat. After the BroadcastbyPhone has finished calling all number in the CSV, It will automatically export the result back to the CSV file which is located on a ftp server. Thank you so much for you help.

You can simply use the -import command line option to start a broadcast using your CSV file. Use -export for exporting results back.

The next thing to do is use the built-in Message Designer to design your message with the desired confirmation responses. Create an empty call list file (.voc), select the newly design message for the call list.

Now use the command line to import and specify the .voc file in the command line. Use -startnow to start broadcast. Since the call message is associated with the .voc file, the broadcast will use the call message you designed.

For more details about command line options, please see the Help Topics under the program main menu.

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