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Sending phone alert when network or server fail

I’m an IT engineer and I am responsible for managing the entire network of our organization. Lot of business critical servers and network devices are running daily(24X7). When any one of these servers/network devices fails, it will create a huge impact to business continuity. Most of the failures which occurs during the day time are always getting notified to the administrators via email, but when the same problem occurs during night, no one gets notified and results in more downtime.

So to avoid this situation, we thought of looking into SMS gateway, which sends SMS alert whenever the server/network device goes down. But when I came across this voicent which has an auto dialer feature, I thought this product can help me in getting this problem resolved in a much efficient way when compared to SMS.


Basically I will be running network monitoring software which sends alert to the voicent software running in another computer during failures, the voicent software will then automatically dial to the Engineers mobile number and read the parameters which is passed along with it during the failure.

Can you tell me whether the above requirement is possible with this software?


Hi Benny, you have found the right software product for what you want to do and more.

All you need to do is have your system monitoring software send Voicent product an HTTP request to trigger the phone call. You can have the phone call to play a pre-recorded audio message, or play some dynamically generated text, which will be automatically converted to voice using text-to-speech software. If you want just send a simple message, you can use the Voicent Gateway Simple Call interface. We have samples for almost all major program languages.

You can also use BroadcastByPhone program’s Call-till-Confirm feature for the alert. This is an easy way to implement an escalation process. When using this feature, the system will call the first person on the call list, play the message. If the person called enters the confirmation code, then the system will stop calling. Otherwise, it will call the next person.

One big advantage of using Voicent software for this kind applications is that the system is interactive. For example, you can also trigger certain actions, such as reboot the system, over the phone. Voicent Gateway has an embedded web server, so you can basically implement any application you wish. Of cause, you can use your own web server also. For more information, please see our developer online tutorials and samples.

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