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Reboot and blue screen when making calls

Hi We purchased a new dell PC with Windows XP Pro and installed the Voicent supplied Modem and driver. We are noticing that when the computer tries to make calls it works for a couple of calls and then it reboots the pc. Why is this happening?

First of all, most of our customers do not have this issue. For this type problem it is normally related to hardware, such as your modem/PCI slot/phone line/computer motherboard. We also have one customer reported that his system started to crash after memory upgrade and got back to normal after removing the extra memory module.

There also could be other software related issue, usually related to Microsoft Windows and device drivers.

For software related issues, you can try the following:

1). Reformat hard disk, and
2). Reinstall Microsoft Windows and the latest service pack, and all the latest Windows update.

We do have several customers solve the reboot or blue screen issue by this method. (autodialer crash)

For hardware related issues, you can try the following to find where the problem might be.

1). Is it related to the phone line?
bring the computer to a different location, for example, home. And make test calls.

If you are using VOIP service, and especially if you have multiple phone lines, please make sure you have enough Internet connection bandwidth. It is common that you might not always get a dial tone on the VOIP line, especially when the service is busy. What you can do here is to slow down your dialing. Please select Setup > Options > Outbound from Voicent Gateway main menu, increase the disconnected time, or set call intervals.

Try not to use a long telephone cord, use the one supplied with the modem.

Try to remove any phone/fax equipment on the same telephone line.

2). Is it related to a particular PCI slot?
put the modem in a different PCI slot and make calls

If you are using multiple modems, you can try to disable different modem to see if the problem is related to a particule modem or phone line. To disable a modem, use Windows Control Panel > Phone and Modem Options, select the modem to disable, click the Properties button, then set “Do not use this device (disable)” under Device Usage. Reboot your computer.

3). Is it related to incoming call interference?

This is usually not a problem. But if you have a lot of incoming calls on the same phone line, the system will get a lot of “line occupied” status. This might cause some problem for certain PBX systems.

The latest release 5 has Caller ID notification. If you are not using Telephony CRM, you can disable Caller ID notification. To do so, select Setup > Options > Inbound, uncheck Caller ID notification.

4). Is there any hardware conflict with a sound card/video card/fax card?

You can either disable or remove other hardware extension card. Voicent program does not need to use a sound card in order to function.

5). Is it related to this particular computer?
try a different computer. Please see another case of autodialer crash

Hello, we just wanted to follow up and let you know the update of this problem. Once we reinstalled the OS Windows XP pro things seem to have stabilized and so far we have not see any reboots.

Making Phone Calls without Modem

Voicent software supports VOIP. With VOIP, you do not need a physical phone line or a voice modem to make phone calls. Calls are made over the internet to landline or cell phones. All you need is internet connection. If you use VOIP, you will never have issue with hardware related blue screen.

Starting from Release 6, you can use Skype for making telephone calls. It is relatively simple to setup with Skype. For more information, please see: Voicent and Skype

Starting from Release 7, you can also use almost all VOIP service providers. The standard for VOIP is SIP, and it is widely supported. For more information, please see Voicent and SIP

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