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Develop outbound application to test IVR systems

I am considering using your “Broadcast by Phone” software for abusiness application. I need to customize a outbound application that will callother IVR systems, make sure the proper greeting is spoken (speech recognition) and enter a account number (via DTMF) to validate their database is working. In the event that the system is not working, I need to send a email to the proper support.

At the lowest level, Voicent Gateway is a development platform based on VoiceXML standard. You can use it to implement pretty much any interactive phone applications. For samples, tutorials, and document, please see

Also, when you buy BroadcastByPhone product, an outbound gateway license is included. (same price if you just buy the gateway license)

BroadcastByPhone is a higher level application that is based on Voicent Gateway. It will be relatively hard to customize the application to the way you want. So interface with Voicent Gateway is your best choice.

Optionally, we have IVR Studio which can be used to customize your application in a GUI environment. This can simplify your VoiceXML developement. Actually you do not need to understand VoiceXML when using IVR Studio It is all hidden from you.

Also, there is an article about one of our customers using Voicent telephony platform to test IVR system.

Thanks for your response. Please correct me if I am wrong… To accomplish the application I have mention, I would need to purchase “BroadcastByPhone” and the “IVR Studio”… correct?

If you want to develop using raw VoiceXML, then you only need Voicent Gateway/BroadcastByPhone.

If you want to take advantage of higher level development platform, we strongly recommend you get IVR Studio. It is a GUI IVR development environment with both HTTP and Java extension built-in.

What Speech Recognition engine do you use?

The built-in Speech Recognition engine is Microsoft Speech Engine.

Is Speech Recognition only available when making the phone call only? or can Speech Recognition can be done anytime within the application?

Any time within the application. And it is available for both inbound and outbound IVR applications.

Are you able to send emails from the application? If so, how would you send a email (high level)?

If you are using Voicent Gateway, then you can implement it within your application. Usually, it is implemented in one of your dynamically generated VoiceXML files. Voicent Gateway has a built-in JSP web server, so you can implement your VoiceXML application files using JSP. For details, please see the gateway tutorial and samples.

If you are using IVR Studio, you can use the Java extension method. There is a sample included in the IVR Studio program called “Voicemail to Email”. It shows how to send an email from an IVR application. The Java code for sending email is also included in the sample. To access the sample, please select Library, then Voicemail to Email from the IVR Studio program main menu.

Does this system provide logging of what phone calls were made? If so, can I customize the logging to fit my needs?

Yes. The answer is similar to the answer for the previous question. Also IVR Studio has a information logging sample.

Does your scheduler provide flexibility to dial the same number every 15 minutes (for example)?

Yes. You can set the call time, retry time, latest call time for each phone call.

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