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Control from a remote Linux computer

We are cordially considering your product as a solution for our need of a notification mechanism that can send telephone alerts to our customers when their sensors go out of range. Our product runs on Linux and needs to be able to drive the notification software programmatically. Can your products be driven programmatically? Can they be invoked remotely from Linux? Your insight into these unknowns is greatly appreciated.

Yes, Voicent products can be driven from a remote computer. All Voicent products use the standard HTTP protocol for remote communication, so they are programming language independent and machine OS independent. For example, you can launch an alert telephone call by sending a HTTP request from your Linux computer to a Voicent program on a Windows computer.

You also have two choices of interfacing with Voicent products.

1). First, you can interface with Voicent Gateway, which is a Standard based VoiceXML gateway

This is a lower level interface that requires you to write VoiceXML files to control the phone interactions. For samples, tutorials, and developer document, please see Voicent Developer Network page. We also have samples in different programming languages, such as C++, Java, Perl, PHP, Visual Basic, etc.

However, you can get Voicent IVR Studio to simply your development effort. IVR Studio is a GUI tool help you to create interactive phone applications. With IVR Studio, all you need to do is point and click to create your voice application. No low level VoiceXML knowledge is required.

2). Second, you can interface with Voicent AutoReminder

This is a higher level interface. Through its HTTP interface, you can send a call request, fetch the call status and confirmation status, and delete call request. For more details, please also see Voicent Developer Network page.

Finally, you can download the software and give it a try with all these API interfaces.

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