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Appointment reminder response and speech recognition

We had it set up to accept either: “confirm”, or “replay”.

confirm | replay

It would take 3-4 times before it would properly understand “confirm”, if it did at all, and we’ve never been able to get it to understand “replay”. I tried “yes” and “no”, and it still took multiple tries for it to understand them. We tried it on 2 different phones in different location, with almost no background noise, so I don’t know why it would have a hard time understanding…

We are using Microsoft speech recognition engine. There are two difficulties for accurate recognition:

1). no training, this is because the engine has to recognize different callers

2). audio is compressed from the phone line. (PCM 8Kz, 16bit, mono)

To use speech recognition effectively, please consider choosing different phrases, for example, one long and one short. So instead of using “confirm” or “replay”, try “confirm this appointment” and “replay”.

On the other hand, you can always use DTMF for responses.

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