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Autodialer: Phone Recording using Skype

im trying to make a phone recording i cannot figure out how to call the modem line, i did not get a access phone number to dial the modem from skype

First of all, if you use modem for Voicent gateway, you must connect the modem to an analog telephone line. You can use any other phone, such as your cell phone, to call the number that belongs to the analog phone line. This has nothing to do with Skype.

If you are using Skype for Voicent Gateway, you do not need a modem. You can call your Skype account use the following two methods:

1). If you have SkypeIn number, simply use any regular phone to call that number. Skype will route the call to your computer.

2). Use Skype from another computer to call your Skype account. For example, if your Skype account is echo345, then simple call echo345 using Skype from another computer using a different Skype account.

Once Voicent Gateway detects an incoming call, either from modem or skype, it will answer the call and start the phone recording.

I need to know what my skype in number is?

If you have SkypePro, you can get your SkypeIn number. Just sign in to your Skype account, and follow the on screen instructions. For more details, please check on Skype’s website.

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