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Status stays in “in progress”

i connected between skype and the gateway , pressed on “start” for broadCast to some of my private numbers but still the only thing that happens is that the statue changed to ” in process” and just staying on it

From the log file you submitted to us, there are some error message we do not understand:

m_pRecognizer->CreateRecoContext(&m_pRecoCtxt) failed : þþîôúç äáãé÷ä äîáå÷ù ìà ðîöà áàó ä÷ùø äôòìä ôòéì.

Maybe you can try to set the Windows locale to US English?

i tried to change the local version of windows to english but i don’t have the english version cd so right now i don’t have any way to do so, is that a problem?

It should work if all files and other information are in English (ASCII instead of Unicode).

When the BBP program shows “in progress”, could you please take a look at the folder C:\Program Files\Voicent\gateway\outcall\reqs

Are there any .req files created in that folder?

Also, you can send us the log files under:

C:\Program Files\Voicent\gateway\outcall\logs

(They are scheduler logs different from the general gateway logs you submitted through Help > Report Problems)

i checked what you wanted me to check, there is .req files that created in the folder but because the software always get stuck in the first call only one file have been created

From the log file you sent us, we see the following:

C:/Program Files/Voicent/Gateway/outcall/webapps/Vcast/????/vxml/0/bcast_0.vxml

The ??? is the computer host name. This name is probably not ASCII, so the software won’t recognize it.

What you can do is rename the computer using English letters only.

great its working !!

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