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Cisco Call manage and Email To Phone

We have a Cisco Call Manager System here and need to be able to send out an automated phone call when an email is received from a certain address. Is this something that can be done via BroadcastByEmail. Can it work with Cisco CallManger 7.1(5) to do this?

This can be accomplished through Voicent Gateway and an open souce project called Email to Phone. You do not need to use BroadcastByEmail software.

To use Cisco Call manager, setup an SIP extension for Voicent software to use. Once configured, calls will be made through the extension from Voicent software. For details, please check the setup guide include in the download page.

Email to Phone will send a call request to Voicent software whenever a new email arrives. The call is then sent though whatever the phone service is configured. If it is configured with Cisco Call Manager, then the call will be made through Cisco Call manager.

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