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Skype predictive dialer audio quality

Whenever I am making a call with Skype, people hang up because voice quality is very poor as compared to modem. for example when i say hello ……it gets repeated two times and i hear echo, I have done everything. I have changed the settings in skype-tools-options-audio settings I have changed microphone and speaker settings from windows default to realtek audio but no improvement. please advice on this

The audio quality for skype is something Voicent software does not control. It simply relays the audio from the remote computer to and from Skype software and its service.

To improve the audio quality, please try the following:

1). Have a good quality microphone for the Skype call. We recommend Creative HS-600 noise canceling headset. This headset is skype certified.

2). Have a good connection/bandwidth between your server/dialing computer and remote agent computer, and between your dialing computer and Skype service. Both of these connections should be broadband.

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