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MagicJack and modem

I have a single line BBP Enterprise Edition. I have your modem properly installed in my computer and a Magic Jack properly insalled
on my computer. It is all hooked up correctly but when the BBP dials using the Magic Jack it only dialed the first 8 numbers when it should dial all 10. I tried it with a 1 and that did not work either, it also only dialed the one plus the first 8 numbers. On the BBP, it said Call made, message left on Answering Machine, but my phone never rang, nor was there a message. I tried this on several differet numbers as well. Please help.

We have other customers report the same problem with MagicJack. Sometimes it happens only with multi-line system.

The only workaround is to add to extra digits to your phone numbers. But we have customers report success when trying the system with different modems. Here is the feedback we got from one of our customers:

On Magic Jack and the modems, I now have one magic jack on each of four PCs. The original install, using the standard Zoom 3025 modem, went fine. But when trying to install on more than one of the other PCs to the same 3025 modems, it had that “last two digits dropped problem”. One of the other PCs was successfull with an old, Lucent voice modem (it has to be at least 6-8 years old and I’m sure no longer available). Another PC was successful (after being initially unsuccessful) by simply switching from one of the two installed Zoom 3025 modems to the other. (Don’t know if that may be because of a Lucent versus Conexent chip difference or not – maybe something to check since I do have 1-2 of the lucent chip Zoom modems around…). The last successful PC has those Hiro Voice Modems. I believe the model is H50003.

The important thing for others to know is that there IS sometimes a capability problem between the magic jack and the particular modem you’re plugged into. So it if doesn’t work with one – plug it into the other. And since you can only install one magic jack per PC, it’s not a problem to simply switch to the other modem.

The other way is to use MagicJack’s SIP interface if you have release 7 and later. Please check MagicJack related paragraph in Installation FAQ. SIP is the standard for VOIP.

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