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Force computer to recognize modem

My computer does not recognize the second modem. What should I do

Right mouse click on My Computer icon, select Hardware tab, then click Device manager button.

1). Take a look if there are any unrecognized devices. If you do, it islikely to modem. Right mouse click on the device, select update drivers.

Or if you do not have unrecognized device, but have the modem listed under the modems category. You need to make sure the driver is correct.

From the Hardware Update Wizard, choose “No, not this time” in the first page, click Next. Choose “Install from a list or specific location”. Click Next. Choose “Search for the best driver in these locations”, click the Browse button. Select the location that you have the modem driver installed. (It could be C:\Program Files\Zoom\XP)

This will force the system to use the specified driver for the device.

2). If no modem is recognized by your system, please make sure the modem is firmly plugged into the PCI slot. Also try the following to force Windows to recognize new device.

2.1). remove the unrecognized modem
2.2). reboot the system
2.3). shutdown the computer
2.4). install the modem again

It is possible that the PCI slot is not working, especially for old computers.

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