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Call transfer with Vonage

I recently pruchased a voicent voice modem for my broadcast by phone entrpise edition program. The problem i am now having is that my Vonage phone doesnt seem to transfer a call when a lead answers my message and presses the number 1 to speak to a live agent.

I opened up the “transfer calls” tab on the voicent gateway, but the explanation it gives to enable call transfers is not very understandable to me. Please tell me why my calls wont transfer to the number ive placed as the call transfer phone.

In the Transfer call tab, select transfer to the following phone number, and enter the 11 digit phone number you want the call to transfer to.

Click the button labeled Setup call transfer service for voice modem. From the popup window, select “call transfer service”, then enter ” ! # 9 0 ” for prefix, and ” # ” for suffix, without the double quotes.

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