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Incorrect autodialing status

Hey, I have Voicent Professional and a Voicent 3025 modem. Starting at 208, just in case you get the log of what I am doing today, you will see that as long as I was using SKYPE to send my messages, I gof an accurate reply back as to what was the response to the call. You will see that now Every response seems to be Call Made. Message left on answering machine. With the exception of two calls to my cell phone. I just got a landline installed today and am making these calls on this dedicated business line. I need the information to read corecctly as it determines how I follow up the calls. Thanks

It is important to have a phone line that is not noisy since computers are more sensitive to background noises. It can pickup sound that is not obvious to the human ear. A noisy line makes voice detection less accurate and might cause long delays at the beginning, or failed to leave a message on an answering machine or voice mail. There could be many reasons a line gets noisy. You should at least check that:

1. All line jacks are firmly plugged in.
2. Your phone line is not too long. Try to use the phone line comes with the modem package.
3. Check special services on your phone line.
For example, if you use a voice mail system, the special tone indicating you have voice mail might make the line noisy for outbound calls. Clean up the message in your voice mail should remove the special tone.
4. If you are using VOIP line, please make sure your internet connection has enough bandwidth.
For example, if you are downloading a huge file while making a phone call, the line tends to be noisy.

To hear exactly what the modem “hears” on the phone line, turn on theRecord Initial Dialing feature of Voicent Gateway. In this mode, the gateway will record the audio starting from the time the phone is connected till the time it begins to play your message. The wave files are usually saved under “C:\Program Files\Voicent\Gateway\work\telcache”. The audio file names are prefixed with pickup_ and ends with .wav.

You can listen to the audio recording file by clicking on the file name. If you do not hear obvious noise in the recording, please send your wave file to us. To turn on Recording Initial Dialing, please click on the Voicent Gateway icon to invoke the gateway main window, then select Help > Record Initial Dialing from the main menu.

Thanks for the help.

I followed your advice and moved the computer closer to the phone jack, using the cord you sent instead of the longer cord I had. The problem cleared up and now all of the data returns are correct instead of the same message no matter the actual event.

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