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Choose a VOIP service

Some of them require the VOIP phones (among other limitation) to be used as part of their services. As I am located in SINGAPORE and would most probably use one of the service providers here, I was wondering what are the highly recommended ones or the type of questions I should post in order to select the best VOIP fit for BBP.

The VOIP phone usage should not be a limitation since that is probably the only way you can access a hosted VOIP serivce. Since Voicent software products act as softphone, so you should not need to buy a VOIP phone. For example, you can test and use Callcentric without a hardware phone.

When selecting a VOIP service, you should check the following:

1. Caller ID display. Some service displays “unknow” or some number you cannot control
2. Channels. In order to do call transfer, Voicent software needs two channels. One for the call and the other for the transferred call.
3. DTMF. If you need to collect feedback from callee, the VOIP service must support DTMF tones.
4. Reliability. Some VOIP services share chennels, so when services are busy, you may not be able to connect a call.
5. DID number. If you use Voicent Inbound applications like IVR Studio or Flex PBX, you need a VOIP service that has DID number.

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