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AutoReminder message designer features

We currently have Voicent AutoReminder 9.0.2. For medical and dental appointment reminder calls, we used the Message Designer to create audio messages that patients hear when they answer their phones. Does this product have the capability of providing the date … Continue reading

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Help! Why is AutoReminder repeating each call three times! Each patient receives 3 reminders…

Today the system start repeat each call three times!!! Each patient receives 3 reminders. Please, check to see what is going on. This problem was previously discovered, by one of our customers, to be associated with the Windows Scheduler. The … Continue reading

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Sending Appointment Reminders via Text

We currently do outbound dial for appointment reminders but would like to know what is required in accordance with your software in order to send appointment reminders via text. For example do we need to purchase an SMS finder? In … Continue reading

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