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Autodialer automatic retry calls

We’re looking for a way to setup our calls so that we can send over a whole bunch of calls at once through the gateway. We’re running into trouble with “no answer” calls… they’re getting rescheduled by the gateway to be called 1 minute later, and for an infinite number of attempts, so that if we send over one call in the morning that is not answered, we call that same number every minute, all day long.

We looked in the Log file for some of the calls, and noticed a field for Retrymax and Retrydelay. Retrymax is always set to “-1″, and retrydelay is always “60000″. Is there any way to change these values to something else? Or anyway to make each call get made no more than 3 times, with an hour or so between the retries?

You sort of answered your own questions.

“Retrymax” is the maximum time the gateway will call again. Set it to any number, such as 3. -1 means no limit untill “firstocc” value is reached.

“Retrydelay” is the delay between retry calls. “60000″ is one minute.

For details, please see the gateway outcall reference. The “retrymax” and “retrydelay” are two additional parameters you can use for setting call request.

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