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Gateway service and UI

I can detect whether the Gateway service is started, and can both start and stop the Gateway service programmatically, but the icon in the system tray and the user interface both show that the gateway is stopped. Is there a difference between starting/stopping/restarting the gateway service from an application or the command line, and the opening the UI and clicking the Start button?

There are 3 processes for the gateway program, they are all running as vgate.exe. The first one runs as a windows service, and the second one runs as a server, and the third runs as a client. The client has the user interface. The complication is satisfy Windows Vista security requirement, i.e., windows service process cannot directly interact with a user.

If you use the net command to start and stop the gateway service, you only start and stop the first two processes. To start the client process, simply run vgate.exe.

So yes, it is different if you start the gateway programmatically or by clicking the start/stop button.

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