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Broadcast service

We would like to use your IVR services for broadcasting from our web application. I have a couple of queries:

1) Do you provide an API (Application Programmable Interface) which I can use to send the messages directly from our web application?

Yes, you can use the command line interface or web (HTTP) interface. For details, please see the developer section on Voicent’s website.

2) Do you provide services outside the US (e.g.UK)?

Voicent provides software tools but does not provide broadcasting service. Howver, if you use Skype for the phone calls, there is not much difference between a broadcast service and a broadcast software. Your application or web site simply interacts with a piece of software, and the actual calls are handled by Skype. There is no need for any telephony hardware when using Voicent with Skype. In the very near future, we are going to have a release that supports SIP. With SIP, you will have more choice for your VOIP phone service providers.

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