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Imported appointment invisible

when i import my schedule into voicent, it indicates that the patients have been imported, though the names do not show up on the day next to the time…they are invisible!. If I go to view call list I can see the calls have been made. Please advise on how I can see the patient’s names as I need to attach specific messages before the call goes out.

Please check your appointment start and end time. If they are too short, there might not be enough space to show the names.

I went into the program and expanded the times from 15mintes to 5 minues, now the appointments are visible.

Yes, that’s another way to do it. Thanks for sharing it with us.

When I created my appointment messages, I did it by text to speech, then saved it as a wave file. I then went to message design and created my appointment message using both the set contact info choices…ie contact name, date time etc as well as my own created wave file. I have an error in one of the created wave files that I would like to correct. I went to program files, Voicent, my recording and can see all my created messages. I can listen to them, but can not find a way to edit the original text message. How do I , can I, edit a message that I created text to speech that is now a wave file?

Sorry, the original text is not saved. You have to type in the text again.

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