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Voicent Releases Changelog

Voicent Software Release 9.0.5
Oct. 23, 2013

Bug Fixes

* Dashboard may crash if Voicent CRM is not enabled in release 9.0.3/4

* New installation may not be able to create CRM database in release 9.0.3/4

Voicent Software Release 9.0.4
Oct. 17, 2013


* Dashboard will try to reconnect to gateway one time when the connect is lost. This deals with temporary network issue

Bug Fixes

* Dashboard may set new customer as Opt-out by default in CRM

Voicent Software Release 9.0.3
Oct. 16, 2013


* IVR Studio allow HTTP action to use variable in target URL

* Voicent Gateway to be able to clear gateway data, including crm and ccm database, voicemails, and customer recordings

* Voicent Gateway allows rename backup data

* Improve Fax number detection accuracy

Bug Fixes

* Import duplicate entries after 20 rows

* IVR Studio crash when copy paste and delete on some designs

Voicent Software Release 9.0.2
Oct. 11, 2013

Major Enhancements in 3rd Party CRM Integration

* Fully integrated with

* Fully integrated with Sugarcrm

* Fully integrated with Zohocrm

Major Enhancements in IVR Studio

* Support direct access of Voicent CRM records

* Allow queued transfer to specify a timeout value for no answer

* Allow queued transfer to exit waiting when caller press a key

* Add call parameter variables to pass caller selection info to agent and script

* Add default SMTP server definition for apps

* Add default JDBC Connection definition for apps

* Add JSON support for HTTP actions

* Add https support for HTTP actions

* Save tree expanded status when closing the design

* Add global exception handling element

* Add new file functions: fileexists, fileremove, filesize


* Add Dashboard connection warning if not on the same local network

* Upgrade the embedded tomcat server to version 7.0.42

* Add group voicemail box to IVR/PBX applications

* BroadcastByEmail better handles some none-standard server responses

* Update to the java db 10.10

* Voicent Call Center Manager add auto pacing option for auto dialing campaigns

* Voicent CRM Section header and customer fields customization

* Voicent CRM Export to CSV file with export preview and generated columns

* Voicent CRM Save and reuse of CSV file export templates

* Show number of users in license key display

* Improve fax number detection

Bug Fixes

* Remote unnecessary gateway recover when TTS text generates no audio

* Allow CRM name etc to have single quote or double quote

* Some incoming calls with no audio caused by “Failed to attach player interface”

* Fixed a “corrupted file” error in AutoReminder req files with retry

* Fixed the log location for IVR Studio apps

* Incoming line license checking may prevent answering incoming call

Voicent Software Release 9.0.1
Aug. 4, 2013

New product

* New Voicent Dashboard software to replace RemoteAgent software. Major enhancements include:

1. Major ease-of-use improvements, complete new user interface design to make agent more productive

2. Fully integrated with Voicent CRM, agents are able to manage customer CRM records directly in Dashboard

3. Fully integrated with Call scripting

4. Embedded browser that can automatically turn phone number to click-to-call buttons

5. Dialpad with call transfer, hold, resume, park, record, and click-to-play audio

6. Special window for entering call notes and buttons and dropdown box for quick call disposition

7. Visual display of incoming call ACD queues

8. Easy scheduling for customer callbacks, with automatic call back reminder

9. Fully integrated with Voicent FlexPBX for direct outbound dialing and voicemail

10. Customization for integrating with 3rd party software, such as CRM, scripting, and database system


* Allow specifying incoming SMS app in gateway, not sharing the setting for incoming voice app.

Bug Fixes

* Dashboard dial out crash when CRM is turned off

* In some rare situations, Text-to-speech may play audio from previous session

Voicent Software Release 8.6.2
Mar 3, 2013


* Allow direct database dialing using AgentDialer, BroadcastSuite, Call Center CRM, or customer HTTP POST

* Auto save Voicent Database

* Backup gateway data and configuration files.

* Gateway recover from backup data and configuration files.

Bug Fixes

* Turn off excessive “too late to call” message

* Check Rules Engine rule before making next predictive call

Voicent Software Release 8.6.1
Feb 5, 2013

Bug Fixes

* Fixed a bug in PBX dialpad and Call Center Manager Monitor lockup bug

Voicent Software Release 8.6.0
Feb 3, 2013


* Major release for Call Center CRM software

– Fully integrated Call Back Management for agents and mangers

* Major release for Call Center Manager Software

– Reporting for agents and campaigns based on selected time period

– BroadcastByPhone, AgentDialer automatically adjust time zone info for allowed broadcast time

– Set up rollover IVR when there is no agent for predictive dialing to avoid dropped calls

* Enable alternate phone numbers for BroadcastBYPhone and AgentDialer

* Add column types: text, phone, currency, date, time, and datetime. Sorting and editing based on locale and type.
Also add built-in function: compare_currency, compare_date, compare_time, and compare_datetime to vxml

* Handle missing BYE signal from VOIP provider, such that call will be timed out

Bug Fixes

Voicent Software Release 8.5.4
Dec. 16, 2012


* FlexPBX extension set call forwarding after a specified delay. Also does not require RemoteAgent to be run for call forwarding

Bug Fixes

* TTS may play wrong audio in some situations in release 8.5.3

Voicent Software Release 8.5.3
Dec. 2, 2012


* Major Release: Call Center CRM. Complete integration with all Voicent products

* Call Center CRM: Automatic Opt-out managemet for BroadcastByPhone and AgentDialer

* BroadcastByPhone Message Designer allows transfer to specific phone number or agent

Bug Fixes

* Fixed a bug that will cause ‘server busy with another call’

* Fixed a SMS bug triggered by some SMS replies that do not match the expected responses

* Not to add dial outline number when sending out SMS message

* AutoReminder recurring appointment not display call time correctly

* Fixed a gateway failed to start problem on some computers running windows 8 or windows server 2012

Voicent Software release 8.5.2
Nov. 5, 2012


* Flexible and powerful Call Center Rules Engine to control line usage and agent call distribution

* DTMF tone relay open for call transfer

Bug Fixes

* AutoReminder sms reminder crashing when there is no confirmation in message

* AutoReminder email reminder email address field too short

* IVR Studio generate wrong vxml file for digits element

* Fixed a bug introduced in release 8.4/8.5.1 that call status for answering machine is shown as call made

Voicent Software release 8.5.1
Sept. 21, 2012

Bug Fixes

* Gateway failed to start on some computers

* IVR Studio allow comma separated list in Digit element’s transition definition

Voicent Software Release 8.5.0
Sept. 16, 2012


* Enable dialing out on multiple lines using semi-automatic dialing. This feature enables an agent to continue calling while
the previous calling line is leaving an audio message on an answering machine

* Add a dialpad to semi-automatic dialing mode. This allows enter phone extension or traverse a corporate phone menu

* IVR Studio for AgentDialer

* Enable one gateway server to run all Voicent products, such as mixing inbound apps with outbound dialers

* Enable selecting call message in BBP broadcast start dialog window.

* Enable selecting call message in BBS broadcast start dialog window.

* Reduce gateway log file size

* Enable syslog such that log message can be sent to a different computer

* Make BBP/AgentDialer spreadsheeting readonly during broadcast

* Dynamically adjust BBP/AgentDialer’s number of submitted calls to improve line utilization for system using more than 50 lines

* Call transfer playing onhold message during the time the system is calling the transferred number

* IVR Studio adds ‘__CAMPAIGN_TRANSFER__’ keyword, which can be used to specify BBP campaign specific transfer target

Bug Fixes

* Fix a memory leak problem introduced in release 8.3.6

* Command line lack of -noexit does not quit program after broadcast

* BBP after save as gets cannot get file error

* Stop broadcasting does not always stop it

* Agent Dialer speed control moved to Call center manager

* BBP missing displaying some of the “In Progress” rows

* BBS confirmation column displays duplicate responses

Voicent Software Release 8.4.2
July 1, 2012 (Unstable)


* Support Zoom 4598 USB SMS modem

* Support Huawei E192 USB SMS modem

* Support product licensing on virtual machines like VMWare

* Allow BroadcastBySMS to send sms messages simultaneously through multiple sms modems

Bug Fixes

* AutoReminder command line to fix SetTimer error message

* AutoReminder failed to find audio file due to wrong folder path in the vxml file

* Fixed auto saving bug introduced in the previous release

* When selecting a new broadcast message, the current call list if not saved automatically

* List exclude does not remove the entry when selected

Voicent Software Release 8.4.1
May 30, 2012 (Unstable)


* Analog line support through Cisco SPA3102. Improve Phone setup wizard to auto configure SPA3102

* Inform BBP, Agent Dialer user when calls are waiting for available agent (instead just showing in progress)

Bug Fixes

* Fix Record Initial Dialing file permission error

Voicent Software Release 8.3.6
May 20, 2012 (Unstable)


* Reduce the number of threads used per agent to improve scalability

* Auto recovery from only failed telephone engines in order to keep active lines going

* Add search replacement to BBP, BBE, and AgentDialer

* BBE list clean if item match a substring

* To better reflect VOIP call, change call status “line occupied” to “line unavailable”

* Better handling of installing license key – remove duplicate and only install better keys

* SMS message remove new line when variable is used

* Faster submission of calls to gateway for systems with more than 100 lines

* Eliminate req files for BroadcastByPhone and AgentDialer to reduce file system load

Voicent Software Release 8.3.5
Special Customer Release


* Add category field to the call report GUI

* Add Year to AutoReminder reportHandler call time

* [Customer Express Service] Gateway memory optimization to better handle loopy IVR applications

* [Customer Express Service] Gateway memory optimization for database connection reuse

* Increase the timeout for text-to-speech so it works on slower computers

Bug Fixes

* Predictive dialer multiple campaigns cannot set answering machine audio due to file name conflict

Voicent Software Release 8.3.4
Special Customer Release
March 20, 2012

** This is a special release made specifically for a customer who purchased Express Service for an feature enhancement **


* [Customer Express Service] Include Category in Appointment Call Report

Bug Fixes

* Fixed a BroadcastByEmail crash when windows focus is lost during broadcast

* Fixed a file write permission issue on Windows 7 computer for gateway local agent

Voicent Software Release 8.3.3
March 11, 2012


* BroadcastByEmail includes sample email templates

* AutoReminder, IVR Studio, FlexPBX, PhoneCRM remember window placement and size

* Add Microphone recording to BroadcastByPhone, AgentDialer, IVR Studio, AutoReminder, FlexPBX, and Gateway

* Enhanced call progress detection to better handle Talkswitch PBX system

* BroadcastBySMS supports extended chars (such as @, £, etc) included in GSM 03.38 alphabet

Bug Fixes

* AutoReminder keep asking user to use phone setup wizard

* Windows firewall inbound rules fix program path

* Fixed AgentDialer not save the correct file extension problem in 8.3.2

* Auto Reminder call report missing
tag more multiple call records

* (Patch Release 3/12/2012) Allow phone setup wizard to be invoked from client program on Windows 7

Voicent Software Release 8.3.2
Feb 5, 2012


* New Version for BroadcastByEmail
- Allow BroadcastByEmail to add or remove columns
- Allow using multiple email (SMTP) servers to send emails simultaneously
- Allow BroadcastByEmail to check multiple POP3 accounts for bounced or unsubscribe emails
- Allow BroadcastByEmail to use .eoc file to exclude email list

* Major UI upgrade for better look and feel on all Voicent PRoducts

* Improve audio quality for telephone recording

* Allow BroadcastByPhone to use .voc file to exclude call list

* Allow AgentDialer to use .aoc file to exclude call list

* Further streamline the download, install process

* Add self recovery feature to gateway to deal with none responsive TTS engine

* Add self recovery feature to gateway to deal with none responsive telephone engine

* SIP call auto disconnected due to trying too many ports when a network connection is nolonger connected

* Simplify the Telephone recording Dialog window by selecting a default audio file first

Bug Fixes

* IVR Studio checking error on && and || operators

Voicent Software Release 8.3.1

New Product Release

* Voicent CallCenterManager Initial Release, key features include:
1. Set drop rate threshold
2. Auto pacing dialing speed to maintain drop rate below set threshold
3. Agent call monitoring
4. Manager whispter coaching
5. Real time call center performance monitoring
6. Campaign and agent summary reports
7. Works with Voicent Agent Dialer and BroadcastByPhone


* Voicent setup program completely revamped and simplified

* Option to include call duration (how long the message is played) in status column

Bug Fixes

* AgentDialer command line turn off autosave when no aoc file is specified

* Fixed agent kick out problem caused by hangup not releasing phone operator

* Auto reminder add appointment shows only cell phone number, not home and work number

* Fixed agent re-transfer to telephone one-way audio problem

* Import Appointment select message cause crash

Voicent Software Release 8.2.0


* Gateway try to recover when TTS engine is not responsive

* Check PBX app auto attendant name for illegal chars like $, &, etc

* Outbound call app type for IVR Studio. To be used with extended Simple Call Interface

Bug Fixes

* RemoteAgent logoff randomly on some system

* SMS message Designer confirmation items get correct response code

Voicent Software Release 8.1.2


* Change call status to “failed” from “line occupied” if the phone number is bad (such as missing country code)

Bug Fixes

* AutoReminder update settings file when Windows OS are different on client and server (different settings locations)

Voicent Software Release 8.1.1


* AutoReminder text add-on work for AutoReminder Client and Server

* SMS invalid number handling using filters

Voicent Software Release 8.1.0


* Major enhancement to AutoReminder: adding text message add-on module

* Handle + in SIP phone number. Some services require e.164 standard format

Bug Fixes

* BBP transfer to a phone list cannot be set in the dialog window

* Recording end silence detection flags twice causing line error

* Recording time limit being overwritten by prompt timeout value

Voicent Software Release 8.0.7


* RemoteAgent connection wizard automatic connect to the gateway specified

* BroadcastByPhone supports call transfer to specific agents or phone numbers

* Move options of broadcast to a secondary dialog window. Make it less crowded in the main dialog.

* Increase the status bar message ID pane width

* VXML file temp folder set to the program data home instead of exec home to avoid write permission issue

* Change SIP message such that it can work with some routers’ ALG

Bug Fixes

* Handle persistent date time information in US locale English

* Send SIP BYE message to the corresponding server that handles the INVITE message or sends the INVITE message. This
should help the system to disconnect the call faster – save per minute charge from your VOIP service.

* Fixed audio buffer overflow crash and also increase the pool size for buffers

* Fixed a bug when openning some BroadcastBySMS file

* Fixed a BBP bug that does not do retry correctly

* Fixed a BBS settings save bug

Voicent Software Release 8.0.6
May 8, 2011


* Try to detect Gateway version earlier and better handle version mismatch

* BroadcastByPhone adding campaign specific broadcast options, such as allowed call time

* Agent Dialer adding campaign specific and default broadcast options – call time, max retry, drop rate control, etc

* Agent Dialer add more control for predictive dialing – schedule call time, starting row

* BroadcastByPhone remember last used wave file for broadcast

* Agent Dialer command line add -agent option for specify target agents for a campaign

* Add Text to Speech voice speed control

* Add more broadcast control (broadcast time, autosave) for BroadcastBySms

* Add Setup Wizard for RemoteAgent

Bug Fixes

* Disallow space in RemoteAgent login name

* Recurring appointment not scheduled for the current day

* Recurring appointment display info is one month late though not affecting the actual date

Voicent Software Release 8.0.5
April 17, 2011


* Try to recover failed lines for the scheduler from time to time. This is to recover lines from VOIP service error

* Try to recover staled call requests that are caused by line failure

* Will save a backup file before auto save during broadcast

Bug Fixes

* Scheduled recurring broadcast not saving a backup file

* Recurring broadcast not rescheduled for recurring event

* BroadcastByPhone command line error (not setting -wavfile etc)

Voicent Software Release 8.0.4
April 7, 2011


* RemoteAgent: add settings to enable a beep sound when popup screen is shown. Controlled by RemoteAgent’s
Ringer options

* Automatic reconnect to gateway from AgentDialer and BBP when gateway restarted. It used to require a
restart to refresh the gateway status from the applications

* Allow transferred calls to be transferred to a different agent, extension, or phone number. This allows
agent dialer to handle multi-tier agents in callcenter environment

* Allow transfer calls for outbound call made from FlexPBX’s extension

* Allow command line to specify the maximun number of phone lines to use for a broadcast

Bug Fixes

* Gateway some options (inbound, sms, transfer tabs) not saved even changed

Voicent Software Release 8.0.3 (Beta Release)
March 28, 2011


* AgentDialer: allow predictive campaign to specify target agent names. Once specified, calls only transfer
to the specified agents. The agent names are saved with call list

* Add “Phone Call Setup Wizard” to Voicent Gateway. This is to better help users to setup phone service

Bug Fixes

* SIP account requires SIP ID and User name to be defined

* AutoReminder add new user cannot specify audio file

* Vonage incoming call not free up phone line when gateway disconnects first

* SMS message failed to deal phone numbers starts with 91

Voicent Software Release 8.0.2 (Beta Release)
Feb 28, 2011


Better support for Windows 7 Operating system. Due to the security restrictions of Windows 7
for files under C:\Program Files, Voicent software now utilize C:\Program Data folder. Gateway
programs and data are still installed under the old folder; for other programs, data folders
are installed under C:\Program Data

Bug Fixes

* Gateway cannot start if it is installed under C:\Voicent instead of C:\Voicent\Gateway

Voicent Software Release 8.0.1 (Beta release)
Feb 7, 2011

Major New Features
This is the first release Voicent software supports text message (SMS). In addition to
the SMS support in Voicent Gateway, a new product is introduced: BroadcastBySMS

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