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Voicent IVR Design for Ashley Furniture

Voicent Custom IVR Project for Ashley Furniture

Voice/SMS/Email integration with existing SQL database

Business Requirements

Ashley Furniture wishes to integration Voicent auto dialer, bulk sms text message and email software with existing SQL database to automated the notification process.


Ashley Furniture is currently using BroadcastByPhone auto dialer software. It requires manual interaction with the SQL database to import and export the data.

Major Features

● Voicent system receives incoming calls and takes input from callers and passes the data to the SQL database. The caller info is automatically recorded in Voicent’s CRM.

Success Criteria

● The system will update SQL database with availability & timestamps.

● The system will send an email notifications if the calls/texts/emails are completed.

Requirements for Ashley Furniture

● A voip service company or PBX system for phone service connecting

● A valid SQL database

● A valid text message service and a GSM modem

● A PC to deploy the Voicent integrated system

Technical Specifications

The caller will call in to authenticate. If the caller is not a member, the call will terminate. If the caller is a member, the IVR system will start the authentication process. At the end when a member presses 1 for the availability, an email notification is sent to a static email id with details of the caller including member Id, date and time of call and availability.

The staff must know about the call and caller, if the caller is a member. Voicent is open to other suggestions regarding this area.

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