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Voice, Text, Email Auto Reminder Appointment Reminder for medical practice

I am looking for the communication API which I can integrate with our product with the following features:
1. Auto call reminder to patients for our clients who running the medical practices.
2. Leave the message for patient when reaching answering machine.
3. Allow patient to listen the appointment reminder with option to confirm or cancel the appointment.
4. Allow patient to connect to call center.
5. Allow our clients to send SMS/Texting to their patients.

Would you please provide any reference material like case study or whitepaper before we can schedule the call? It would be great if this is available for the healthcare domain.

Thank you for contacting Voicent. Voicent AutoReminder offers fully integrated API with Window based EMR system. It can meet all the requirements you listed, plus much more. While we can not provide private reference list according to our privacy policy, we have published customer testimonials you can review, plus national media inccluding New York Times, Associate Press, Washington Post, etc.

In addition to the testmonial, Voicent software can also be downloaded free, try before you buy with no time limit. All product features are available in the free trail version. You can welcome to evaluate our product and see how it can suite your need before purchasing.

Below are some key features of the Voicent Automated Appointment Reminder System:

Places automatic, personalized reminder calls — no human intervention needed
Places automatic, personalized reminder text messages — no human intervention needed (Requires Text Message Add-On)
Places automatic, personalized reminder emails — no human intervention needed (Requires Email Add-On)
Easy to use – Windows-based calendar interface for appointment scheduling
Built-in calendar with easy drag-drop to reschedule appointments
Easy confirmation symbol for appointment confirmation status
Delivers different messages for answering machine and for live pickup
Professional, friendly reminder message
Multi-lingual option (TTS Plug-in required)
Color-coded, multi-user scheduling
Real-time call status report
Can do reminders for recurring appointments
Provides client contact management
Supports multiple group calling feature
Easy data import/export
Easy Integration with any Windows-based software (For Developers)
Allows multiple users sharing same appointment information (Enterprise Edition)
Create and access appointment scheduler from any office or home (Enterprise Edition)
Extensive command line interface (For Developers)
Extensive HTTP/web interface (For Developers)

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