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Voicent Broadcast By Phone Auto Dialer software features

oicent offers the “BroadcastByPhone” auto dialing software which will let you design a message and broadcast it to an audience. For lead generation this is as simple as recording your voice using a microphone and headset, or having our software call your phone/cell phone to record. You can also use “text-to-speech” which will convert your text into a computerized voice.

Once the message that you want to broadcast is recorded, you will then create options for the client, like “Press 1 to transfer”, “Press 2 to replay message”, “Press 3 to leave a message”, and more.

$499 is the starting price for our Auto Dialer with press 1 options.

Pricing can be found here:

Voicent software can be setup with any phone service provider, letting you use the phone service you already have.

Please let us know if you have any further questions, would like a price quote, or have any concerns.

Below you will find some usages, and key features of Voicent AutoDialing BroadcastByPhone software.

Marketing campaigns
Service pickup or delivery notifications
Phone-trees for schools, libraries, faith communities, clubs, organizations or government offices
Telephone notification of events or sales promotions
Lead generation
Telephone surveys
Debt reminders or notices
Political campaigning
Emergency alert and escalation processes (call until confirm)
Repetitive robo-calls to the same phone numbers

Automated dialing with a single click
Incredible scalability–can dial thousands of simultaneous calls from a single, ordinary computer
Live call transfer to any phone (yep, that’s right. If your message recipients want to speak to someone right away, they can press a number and get transferred to a live operator or leave a message for you.)
Interactive touch tone response (press 1, press 2, …) or even voice-activated command and response capabilities
Voice message recording by phone, by computer or by studio
Computer-generated voice (optional); Save/restore call list, import or copy-paste call list
Detects human pick up, answering machine, busy, no answer, disconnected line
Automatic retry for busy line or no answer
Built in calendar for advanced call scheduling
Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly recurring calls
Call until confirm (for emergency alert escalation)
Automatically schedule call for next day if calls are not finished
Multilingual Text-to-Speech (optional) for customizing each phone call
Check Federal Do Not Call List
Message Designer for auto dialing message personalization (with Text To Speech)

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