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Voicent Inbound/Outbound call center software for voice text messaging and email

How do you guys handle recording? Do I use my own VOIP lines or do I need to use yours?

Yes, Voicent software can record all phone conversations and save in a file for your future reference.

You need to use your VoIP line.

Voicent software provide all the inbound and outbound communications capability including voice, text messaging and email. It also provides Call Center Manager and CRM software to help you manage business, manage agents, as well as managing customers.

We can offer you an all-in-one software package as monthly license subscription for $159/month per user. It includes inbound, outbound and blended call center software:

3 Lines per User
Agent Dialer
Call Center CRM
Call Center Manager
Broadcast by Phone
Flex PBX
Inbound IVR
Broadcast by SMS
Agent Dashboard

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