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Reminder calls for late rent payment

My company manages about twenty apartment buildings and we need to call tenants about their late rent payments. This is really an unpleasant job and but must be done. I heard from a former coworker about using your auto dialer for that purpose. Could you please explain how this tool can help us in that regard?

First of all, it is really easy to use an auto dialer for that purpose. All you need to do is upload a list of phone numbers to call, then select your message, then click start. The system will automatically call the list, when a call is answered by a live human, it will play the message reminding them of the late payment. It can also prompt the renter to press a key to talk to an agent, which will connect the call to an office phone or cell phone. If the call is answered by a machine, the dialer will detect the beep and then leaves the message.

You can create the call message by a computer generated voice or use your own voice. The system can call you (or anyone else) to record a message. Once saved, you can use the audio file for any auto dialer campaigns.

So if you have a few hundred calls to make every month, this tool can really free you from all these phone calls. Everything should be pretty automatic.

BTW, we also have many collection agencies using this tool in exactly the same way.


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