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Call center setup question

Hi I am interested in the Dial By Phone product. We set-up a call center with 4 stations that are hunt group ready. We are using a VOIP company called GLOBALINX.

1. How many calls can be made per line?

This depends on a few factors, such as how long is your message, whether you want to leave message on answering machine, etc. On average, it is about one minute a call.

Think of the software has an operator, he or she dials the number, waits for someone to answer the call, or waits for answering machine’s beep to leave a message, and plays your audio message. The software is just more efficient, it makes one call after another, never take a break.

When you use multi-line version of the software, you make simultaneous calls.

2. What is the cost per line?

The price is listed online. For BroadcastByPhone, please see auto dialer pricing; for AgentDialer, please see predictive dialer pricing.

3. Can i have people work from home?


4. I had issues with finding a SIP number and using the free download. I will need assistance setting this up

We offer full setup service. For details, please contact Voicent support

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